Thermostatic mixing valves

Thermostatic mixing valves

Our series of thermostatic mixing valves incorporates the basic requirement for ensuring a tap water system are safe to use, it involves the prevention of two significant factors: legionella bacteria and scalding.

Hot water needs to be heated to 60°C to prevent the proliferation of legionella bacteria. But a temperature this high will scald people. With an ESBE thermostatic mixing valve fitted after the water heater, the temperature is restricted to a maximum 55°C throughout the system. In this way the water can be heated up to legionella-safe temperatures without the risk of anyone getting scalded.

ESBE thermostatic mixing valves also allow you to make better use of solar energy. And you can easily control underfloor heating if you choose the 20-43°C temperature range. It reduces the radiator circuit´s temperature to safe and comfortable heating for feet and floor.

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