Heat Meters

Heat Meters

Itron provide class two MID approved heat meters and communication systems for the UK market and are suitable for use with the renewable heat incentive (RHI).

Itron offer the following products and solutions:
GPRS, M-Bus and RF communication systems
Heat meters for biomass installations
Heat meters for heat pumps
Heat meters for combined heat and power, and district energy
Heat meters for use with Glycol

Itron’s meters are built on years of industry experience and use the latest in ultrasonic measurement technology to ensure accurate and reliable data.

Ultrasonic Compact Heat and Cooling Meter, qp 0.6-15 m3/h.

The CF ECHO II is the compact meter of Itron’s CF Heat and Cooling meter family equipped
with ultrasonic fl ow meter. Electronic data processing gives high precision throughout the entire
measurement curve, producing a dynamic range exceeding class C.
Flows can be measured from qp 0.6 to qp 15 m3/h (DN15 to DN50) with reliable and stable accuracy.

Utrasonic compact thermal energy meter qp0,6, qp1,5 and 2,5.

The new ultrasonic compact thermal energy meter “CF-UltraMaXX V” is the result of the
consequent evolution of the successful Itron CF-Family series of static flow and thermal
energy meters. CF-UltraMaXX can be used for the measurement of all relevant billing
data in heating and cooling systems.
Battery powered + Mbus / EV output as standard.

CF UltraMaXX V N 12-12
EchoII – Essco
O&Ms CF Echo
THF50 Temperature sensor

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