Circulation units


Circulation units

With a smart progressive valve the same unit fits both domestic and commercial needs.
With our new circulation unit we wanted to set a new standard on the market. It is designed to fulfill everything that people have come to expect from us, following our existing product range.

That means immaculate hydronic flow pattern, precise purposeful action, high quality and dependable durability. We wanted to combine those high-class characteristics with top-notch energy aspects.

Therefore it is both designed to achieve optimal energy savings and equipped to consume a minimal amount.

But we didn’t only strive to make something better. We wanted to make it simpler too. We did that through a clever progressive flow design that makes one mixing model fit a much broader range of needs. In fact you can use one and the same model for every case that has from 0 up to 130 kW heating power – and it will act with optimal functionality all the way through that range!
Manifolds complete with lower loss header function and without. Controllers can adapt to any circulation unit or can be fitted with standard 3 point mototrs.

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